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How Perception Creates Our Reality

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a good mood, everything around you seems to work out perfectly? ...

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Identifying Emotions Naravis_article

Mastering the Art of Identifying Feelings

Are you the type of person to automatically respond "good" anytime someone asks how you're doing — even if you're having ...

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stop stress

How to Stop Stress from Stressing You Out

Can you remember a time in your life where you experienced no stress? Probably not and especially not recently. We ...

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silent killer

Silent Killer: 70 to 90% Doctors Visits Are Stress Related

Stress is one of America's most significant problems. 79% of people say they feel stressed from problems like lack of ...

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Pure fish oil

Pure Fish Oil: Connection To A Healthy Body And Mind

Do you take your health for granted? Do good nutrition and diet fuel your body or set you on the path ...

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How to prioritize your life.

How To Prioritize Your Life: Health and Wellness

Out of 2,000 Americans surveyed in 2018, as many as 500 said they were in some sort of pain constantly. The pain ...

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mindful eating

How To Practice Mindful Eating Habits

Are you one of the estimated 45 million Americans who start a diet every year? Whether you're trying to lose weight or ...

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Stress and Hair Loss: How Are They Linked?

Did you know stress and hair loss go hand-in-hand?In fact, the two form a vicious cycle that can quickly spiral ...

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Planning for a healthy lifestyle

Your Plan for Health: Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle

A recent study by the Oregon State University and the University of Mississippi looked into the four pillars that create ...

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Types of yoga

Types of Yoga: Which is the Best Fit for You?

So, you’ve finally decided to start yoga after endless weeks of procrastination.Whatever your needs are, whether meditation, or just a ...

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Listen to your body.

Listen to Your Body: Know Your Body’s Intuition

Do you move through never feeling quite right? Have you listened to your body recently? Maybe you're tired all the ...

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Reduce stress techniques Naravis

How to Handle Stress: 7 Techniques to Succeed

A little stress can be beneficial. In fact, it provides the energy to help you get through certain situations such ...

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