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Active Lifestyle Importance For Staying Healthy

by Tatiana Alcazar

April 22, 2020

A woman running, she seems to have an active lifestyle.
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It is easy to get stuck on the couch watching Netflix or Hulu. There are so many interesting shows and you don't have to wait from one week to the next. The problem is that an excessive amount of TV does not equate to an active lifestyle.

Don't get bent out of shape. I don't want to take your favorite shows away from you. What I want to do is help you understand the importance of physical exercise and why it's a must for a healthy life.

Continue reading this article to learn the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Why You Need an Active Lifestyle

You don't have to become a gym rat to get physical exercise. The best thing to do is to get exercise doing something that you enjoy doing.

Get Your Routine Going

Whether you've decided to walk, run, bike, swim or some other activity, you need to be consistent with your activity. 

Your activity or lack of activity will compound over time and a routine will help get you into the rhythm which will make it easier to keep going. Once you incorporate your new activities into your lifestyle and create a habit, you've completed the most difficult task.

Detox Through Sweating

Develop your love to sweat. If you think sweating is gross and you do everything you can to keep from sweating, you're robbing yourself of a good detox.

Exercise is a great way to work up a sweat and burn calories. Some people also like to use saunas to start the sweating process. If you don't have a sauna sitting around then you might opt for a brisk walk instead.

Don't think that physical activity and getting a good sweat on is going to zap all of your energy. When you exercise, you usually feel more energetic than you did before beginning.

Release the Stress - Release the Pounds

The more stress you feel, the more likely it is that you're going to hold onto extra weight. When you exercise, you are able to not only burn calories but to also release stress physical activity.

When you think of exercise as a way to release stress and tension, it is often more enjoyable than when you're exercising to lose weight. While we might not see the weight loss immediately, we will be able to notice a decrease in stress quickly.

Distract Yourself

If you find it difficult to exercise, you can distract yourself while exercising to make the time go faster. You might watch TV while riding the exercise bike. Or you might listen to music while you're on your morning walk.

Don't Leave Your Health to Chance

An active lifestyle and great health aren't going to happen by chance. You have to make a plan to get healthy and stay healthy.

I am committed to helping you live a life of vibrant health so you can feel beautiful and energetic. Read my article about planning your health today to learn more.

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About the author 

Tatiana Alcazar  -  A software engineer, former IBMer, co-founder of Naravis Corporation and a mom, with a passion for finding the solution and root cause to everything that comes across, including health. It has been a long journey since founding Naravis and trying to find solutions to my leaky gut syndrome and pursue natural health. Throughout this journey I have learned an enormous amount of information (acquired knowledge) and I feel it's my duty to share my knowledge and my experience with you.

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