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How to Handle Stress: 7 Techniques to Succeed

by Tatiana Alcazar

November 24, 2020

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A little stress can be beneficial. In fact, it provides the energy to help you get through certain situations such as work deadlines, but how to handle stress is tough. Whereas, in most cases, stress is not good for your health.

Stress symptoms can affect your feelings and can lead to many health problems. For instance, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

So, read on and learn the 5 simple techniques for handling stress.

1. Recognize and Acknowledge Why You Are Stressed and Worried, or Anxious About 

Stress is your body’s reaction to different stressors. Whereas, major stressors in our life can be money, work, mind, people and perceived loss. 

Many times we go about our lives carrying our stress, but we never really sit down and think about why we are stressed.  Identifying our stressors makes it easy to learn how to deal with stress.

2. Try to Identify Specifically What This Feeling Is

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry, and fear.  As a reaction to stress, it occurs among people who have not yet identified the significant stressors in their lives. 

To deal with stress, find what feelings trigger your stress. Try to be very specific about this feeling. For example, there is a difference between feeling sad and being disappointed, or between feeling frustrated and feeling anger.  Try to identify this specific feeling. Here are just a few examples of feelings:











Burned out



































3. Be in Peace with Yourself

So, to get rid of those negative feelings and emotions, be in peace with yourself.

How? Start by letting go. It is not so easy at first, but starts with little steps.  There are certain situations that are uncontrollable, there are others that do not need to be controlled. Accept and embrace the situation, take action, and do your best. Beyond this point, just let go of the things you cannot control.  Always remember that your health is your priority

4. Talk to a Family Member, a Friend, or even to yourself

If stressed, it is best to talk to someone about it. This will help you materialize your stressors and, in a way, to let your stressors go. 

Certainly, stress has the capability of clouding your ability to see or find solutions. However, by talking with someone such as a friend or even a medical expert will help you gain a new perspective.

You can also even talk to yourself or write it in a journal. This has the same effect of materializing your stressors and will help you in identifying them.

5. Do Something You Enjoy Every Day

Imagine waking up every morning looking forward to your passion project. Indeed, that would be great.

 So, think about making your life more enjoyable. We are usually so busy, that many times we think we don't have time to enjoy life. Make an extra effort to do something you enjoy every day and make it a priority. It can be a hobby, a walk around the block play an instrument, paint, listen to music or read a book.  If you make it a priority, then you will find the time for it.

6. Drink a Relaxing Tea

Though stress is tough to deal with. To drink your way into relaxation and calmness, try a relaxing tea.

Try chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, valerian, or linden tea. Overall, the tea helps to relax your muscles and reduce irritability.  To get the most out of your tea, try loose leaf tea instead of the teabags.  

7. Take a Dietary Supplement

In ancient times, different cultures relied on dietary supplements to reduce stress.

Today, you can use the same dietary supplements to relax and reduce stress. Examples include ashwagandha supplement and Rhodiola supplement. Others include Panax Ginseng, Holy Basil, Astragalus root, Licorice root, and Cordyceps mushroom. 

Ashwagandha is a powerful supplement. It affects cortisol levels, internal stress responses, and stress tolerance.  Studies on ashwagandha root extract have shown that it improves a person’s resistance towards stress. As such, it improves a person’s quality of life.

Panax Ginseng or the Asian ginseng is an adaptogen that contains anti-stress properties. When used, it helps you relax and lowers your stress levels. 

Holy basil it is an anti-aging supplement popular in Ayurvedic medicine.  Chemicals in holy basil are thought to decrease pain and swelling (inflammation), and other chemicals might lower blood sugar in people with diabetes.

The Astragalus root, licorice root, and Rhodiola are potent adaptogens. They work by reducing cortisol levels in the body, leading to lower stress levels.

Lastly, the Cordyceps mushrooms, they are rich in antioxidants. This helps to regulate cortisol levels, giving protection against physiological stress.

Learning How to Handle Stress  

Learning how to handle stress or how to avoid stress can save you from negative health consequences.

What you need to know is that untreated stress can cause high blood pressure,  insomnia and many other health issues. 

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About the author 

Tatiana Alcazar  -  A software engineer, former IBMer, co-founder of Naravis Corporation and a mom, with a passion for finding the solution and root cause to everything that comes across, including health. It has been a long journey since founding Naravis and trying to find solutions to my leaky gut syndrome and pursue natural health. Throughout this journey I have learned an enormous amount of information (acquired knowledge) and I feel it's my duty to share my knowledge and my experience with you.

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