Listen to Your Body: Know Your Body’s Intuition

by Tatiana Alcazar

October 9, 2019

Listen to your body.
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Do you move through never feeling quite right? Have you listened to your body recently?

Maybe you're tired all the time. Or perhaps you're on edge.

It could be that you're a fitness junkie and regardless of the three hours per day you're putting into exercising, you just can't seem to recover from illnesses.

All of these can be signs that you are not listening to yourself, listening to your body.  Because your body has intuitive knowledge and wisdom of exactly what it needs.

If you are not taking the time or making the effort to listen to your body, you are going to keep making choices that keep you from experiencing optimal health.

Listening to Your Body's Signal

When your body needs food, you feel hunger. When it needs hydration, you feel thirsty. And when something is wrong in your body, you feel pain or discomfort. 

So it makes perfect sense that when things are out of balance and address what it needs, your body is going to react in a myriad of ways to get your attention. 

But if you're having trouble getting those messages, what can you do?

1. Slow Down

This is rule number one when it comes to listening to your body.

If you're always trying to do too many things at once, you're simply not going to have enough time or silence to hear what your body is trying to say.

Unplug from life. Turn off the screens. Disconnect with the busyness.

And if you must do something, go to a yoga class. Just skip the one with the loud music and rapid movement. Find a traditional class where they encourage stillness and going within. 

When given this opportunity, the body will respond.

2. Build a Meditation Practice

One of the single most effective ways to learn to listen to your body is to start a meditation practice. Think you can't meditate? 

Like anything else, it gets easier with practice. And you don't have to start big.

To begin, simply find a comfy place to sit. Sit in any way that you choose. Then set a timer for a realistic amount of time you're willing to sit there. Maybe 3 or 4 minutes to start. 

Close your eyes and take in a few deep inhales, letting them out slowly. Then starting at the tip of the head, take a scan of the body all the way down to the toes.

During this scan, take mental note of areas of tightness or stickiness. Are your shoulders stiff? Maybe your hips feel tight. Is your head heavy or your belly too full?

When the timer is done, jot down what you were feeling. It might surprise you how much your body tells you when given the opportunity to be still and quiet.

Now imagine how much awareness you'll gain if you do this every day.

3. Opt for Mindful Eating

When you are truly physically hungry, your body will tell you what it needs.

Unfortunately, too many of us don't wait until we have that sensation. Instead, we eat a stack of onion rings or a bag of candy to fill our emotional hunger. And then we're left feeling heavy and lethargic.

So wait until you're actually hungry. Chances are that your body will choose something that will sustain you rather than exhaust you.

Take It Easy

In order to listen to your body, you need to slow down or be still long enough to hear what it has to say. 

Then, once you learn to listen for the messages and respond accordingly, you'll be amazed at how much better you feel.

It's really that simple.

And for more great tips and advice on staying healthy and balanced, keep checking back with our blog.


About the author 

Tatiana Alcazar  -  A software engineer, former IBMer, co-founder of Naravis Corporation and a mom, with a passion for finding the solution and root cause to everything that comes across, including health. It has been a long journey since founding Naravis and trying to find solutions to my leaky gut syndrome and pursue natural health. Throughout this journey I have learned an enormous amount of information (acquired knowledge) and I feel it's my duty to share my knowledge and my experience with you.

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