The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

by Tatiana Alcazar

February 17, 2021

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Do you know the importance of emotional intelligence can be able to determine over  55% of your job performance

Unfortunately many people do not know how to recognize the emotions they are feeling.  Worse is they cannot manage those feelings and had difficulties in adapting changes and circumtances.

But, if you have the ability to recognize your emotions, understand the effect and outcome, you are more likely to be more successful. 

And that makes emotional intelligence something worth learning more and improve about. 

What is Emotional Intelligence?

The term emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) is often used alongside intelligent Quotient (IQ). However, EQ isn't based on data or calculations like IQ, so therefore, it's difficult to quantify.

In the past, IQ was given more weight because it's easier to measure than EQ.

Today, many experts believe a person’s emotional intelligence is more important than their IQ. 

And, they consider it to be the superior predictor of performance and success.

It also indicates a person’s quality of relationships and level of contentment/happiness.

In the book 1995 "Emotional Intelligence" of Daniel Goleman. A world renowned behavioral scientist recognizes the five categories of skills. 

The Five Components of Emotional Intelligence

Self Awareness

Recognize and understand for their whole being, behaviors, emotions, and reactions. Self awareness enables you to identify behavioral and emotional aspects which we can target for change. It also enables you to know your weakness, capability as well as strength.

Self-management and Self-Regulation

The ability to manage and control their emotions, reactions, moods, and ultimate responses. People who are skilled in self regulation are good in managing conflict and easily adapt well to change.


Motivate themselves, perform more, and strive to reach various goals in their career or life. People with high emotional intelligence can motivate themselves, which makes them strong and optimistic.


Understand other people’s feelings and emotions, then use that knowledge to create a good relationship with them. People with empathy and compassion understand the importance of personal and work relationship.

Social Skills

Build and maintain relationships, as well as network better. Plus, the ability to settle conflicts and work well in a team setting. 

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?

The importance of emotional intelligence is vast. 

Also, don’t assume it’s only beneficial to people who often interact with many people. Although, It’s vital for everyone, and here’s why:

Helps With Your Mental Well-Being

In fact, it plays a significant role in how you view life. 

A high degree of emotional intelligence, therefore, is associated with a higher perspective outlook in life, which is certainly essential in helping control mood swings, anxiety, and stress.

It can also help with depression and other mental disorders.

Impacts Your Physical Health

It also impacts your body wellness in more ways than one.

Moreover, the ability to understand your emotional state and keep your reactions in check can help with better health management.

Self-motivation, for example, also can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Helps You to Build Better Relationships

The foundation of strong and stable relationships is good, mutual understanding. 

Although, It’s crucial to understand your emotions better, as well as of those people you’re in a relationship with. Also, it makes communication easy and relating with them becomes more effective.

In fact, Emotional intelligence helps you to understand other people’s feelings, needs, and views. This can lead to more fulfilling relationships with them.

Makes You Good at Resolving Conflicts

It’s easier to resolve disagreements when you understand other people’s emotions and opinions at the same time.

You also become good at mediating other people’s conflicts to find a middle ground.

Can Help You Achieve Success

When you’re self-motivated, your ability to focus and achieve targets increases. You can do away with procrastination and tackle setbacks better.

Ways To Improve Emotional Intelligence

Being aware of the importance of emotional intelligence is beneficial in personal or even on workplace. The good thing is, we can improve emotional intelligence in different ways.

  • Observe. Think before you act and judge other people. Try to understand the different sides of the story. Be more open-minded in the situation.
  • Self Evaluation. Reflect on your emotions and how you react in a negative situation. Know your weakness and accept your flaws. Remember that nobody is perfect, but you can work on it. To make yourself a better person.
  • Pause For A Moment. Think before you act and speak. Try to compose yourself and do not let your emotions control you. It's quite hard to manage our emotions in a high tension situation. But making it a habit could make a big difference.
  • Accept Criticism. Nobody wants criticism. But criticism will help you learn the areas that you need to improve. So don't take it personally. 
  • Practice Humility. Humility can help you build and maintain a personal relationship with others. In the workplace, leaders who practice humility were far more like to innovate. As a result, the company and employee performance may improve.
  • Be Responsible. Try to be responsible in your own actions. If you made mistakes, take the full responsibility. Do not blame someone else. If you made a mistake, apologize, it restores trust and relationship.
  • Assess Your Actions. Examine your actions in a difficult situation. Weather your co-worker or family member or just a stranger. Think about the impact of your actions and ask yourself if you were in that situation.
  • Practice. Practicing the importance of emotional intelligence doesn't happen overnight, but eventually can happen. Patience, effort and practice are the key.

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence!

Now you have the answer to ‘why is emotional intelligence important? Choose to improve it and work on it. It would take a while. But the payoffs are worth it as we become better individual and employee.

Read on to learn more about how to improve your mental health and general wellness.


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